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Thanks to an education that promotes both academic excellence and character formation, Hawthorn girls face the world with creative tenacity, intellectual brilliance, and an uncommon spirit of service to others. A Hawthorn graduate is a confident, compassionate woman whose integrity and wisdom have a positive impact on the world around her. Not only do Hawthorn grads have choice—of scholarships, universities, and volunteer, travel and career opportunities—they have an education of the mind and heart that guides them to choose wisely.

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Alumnae profile

Alexandra (Sasha)
Alexov Class of 2007

Sasha comes from a long-standing Hawthorn family and she is one of 3 Alexov alumni. At Hawthorn, Sasha was the Athletic Council President and Captain of volleyball and basketball teams.

Sasha went on to St. Francis Xavier University (link) and received a double Bachelor Degree in Human Kinetics and Elementary Specialist Education. She is currently working as a Program Coordinator for Physical and Health Education Canada. However, she has several years of teaching experience in the Primary grades, in various summer camps and children’s programs.

Fun fact: Sasha is an archery and canoe instructor!

Where do they go?

What do they study?

Medieval History
Graphic Design

Applied Mathematics
Applied Creativity

Actuarial Science

Biomedical Science

Art History
Music Education
English Literature

Geographic Analysis
Earth Science
World Development
Political Science