Lower School Programs (Grade 1 to 7)

In the Lower School students develop a love for learning, and build social skills and work habits in each area of a well-rounded academic program. Small class sizes and subject specific teachers allow for curriculum enhancement at every level.

In the early grades, the curriculum focuses on a systematic approach to cultivate phonetic, literacy and mathematics skills. As students mature and their reasoning capacities increase they are gradually presented with more complex ideas and concepts. The budding intellect is challenged through courses at an advanced level in the humanities and sciences. By the time they reach the Upper School, students have acquired knowledge of the main historical periods with an awareness of the corresponding developments in literature, science and philosophy.

Lower School students develop outstanding literacy and numeracy skills, generally testing about one year ahead of the Ministry of Education requirements.

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To request more information about the curriculum, including mini-outlines for each subject, please email admissions@hawthornschool.com.

Sample Weekly Student Schedule

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